Heart touching Friendship day messages, sms and whatsApp status in 2017

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 Friendship day messages

Lets enjoy heart touching Friendship day messages, sms and whatsApp status in 2017 with us.

We have already share friendship day poems with you and now we have variety of best friendship day sms and wishes.

People want to know when friendship day is coming?

So, be ready for it as International friends day is on 6th august 2017 happy friendship day quotes.

In fact every day is your friendship day 2017 but world has selected 6th august as world friendship day every year to pay tribute our best friends by offering him beautiful friendship quotes and wishes .

happy friendship day message

Happy friendship day messages in english

You can find happy friendship day beautiful images and hd wallpapers here.

Friendship day greetings

“Open my Heart, if you can….

Surely, you will find someone special in my heart….

If you found there…

Then you are the luckiest person for me in this world…

Sweet friends are hard to get…

So, I keep you in my heart……”

friendship day quotes

happy friendship day sms
happy friendship day sms

Happy friendship day whatsApp status latest

Friendship day quotes

“Friends are just as watermelon…

It is hard to find which is sweet and which is raw…

But I am lucky in this regards…

Because I have find sweetest watermelon in you….”

Happy friendship day status hindi

Happy friendship day cards

“I was bored…

When I was single…..

I was happy, when I found some friend..

  • Happy friendship day status hindi

And Now..

I am joyful, when I get a friend in form you you..”

(Happy friendship day greetings)

Happy friendship day birthday cakes

Happy friendship day images

Happy Friendship day wahtsapp status

“May the year 2017 bring for you happiness, success and filled with peace, hope and togetherness of your family and friends”

Friendship day messages in English

  • Bef0re The Golden Sun of “Happy Friendship day 2017” will Rise ,
  • Let Me Dec0rae All of its Rays With Wishes of Success ,
  • Prosperity and Happiness f0r you and your Family.”
    ( Wishing you lovely Friendship day 6th August 2017

Sweet SMS on Friendship day

“A friend is always sweet in start…

He is more sweeter, when he is sincere..


He is sweetest, when friend is like you…”

friendship day whatsapp status

Happy friendship day wishes quotes

The saying of a great leader of the Muslims Hazrat Ali (R.A) is that:

” He is not poor, who has no money…


The poorest person on the world is that…..

who have no friend at all”


Friendship day quotes and sayings

People are strange !

If u praise your best friends, they think u must have your own mean in this..

If u don,t praise,they call u jealous..

If u do extra care for someone,they think that u love them..

If u show u don’t care,they call u selfish..

If u regularly text your friends,they call u sticky..

If u don,t talk to them for a few days,they call u proud..

Friendship day quotes and sayings
Friendship day quotes and sayings

2017 friendship day facebook

You can never make the whole world happy,so concentrate on the person u daily see in your heart!!

So your best friend in the world is present in your heart…”

Friendship day best sms ideas 

“Friends are like pearls and we should respect our friends from core of our hearts..

And never let them away from our companionship….

Best friend always support us in the time of lurch…

And are hope of happiness and anticipation for us….

Heart touching Friendship day messages, sms and whatsApp status in 2017

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