Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
1 Acceptance The Use Of Birthdaycakesname Terms and Conditions

This site is our property and your access to use of Birthdaycakesname is subject to these Terms and Conditions.We can not allow anyone to misuse our website for any illegal or unlawful activity.If you are satisfy with our terms and conditions, then we say welcome all of you to be our part.In other case, if you are hesitate to accept our terms and conditions, then you should not join us.

2 Credit card details

We care your privacy and birthdaycakesname never aks any user to provide his/her credit or debit card details and we have not placed any box in our site, which require credit card information from users.

3 Advice
We have our own ideas and thoughts. We try to share reality groundings in our website. You can get ideas from us and we never force you to use our thoughts in your own decision making

4 Change of Use
Birthdaycakesname has right to edit or remove website or any part of websie without notice and we also have right to change or update these terms and conditions without any notice.

5 Links to Third Party Websites

Birthdaycakesname site may use links to third party websites that are controlled by others. We are not responsible for third party content shared by others.

6 Copyright
This website is our soul property and all trademarks, logos, content,designs, graphics, themes, software and all source codes are owned by birthdaycakesname and we have adequate copyright license and we never allow anyone to misuse our property and you can not sell, edit, reproduce and share our content without our prior permission.Our content is only for personal and non commercial use only.

6 Severance
If our terms and conditions announced invalid or illegal by any court of law. Then we accept the judgement and update our terms and conditions according to rules and remaining all terms and conditions should be strictly followed by users at any instance of time.

Government Law
We try our best to do the needful according to rules and regulations and our all terms and conditions shell be governed by according to law of U.S.A. If you have further queries and information, then feel free to E-mail the webmaster